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A consistently profitable Forex trading strategy explained in 6 steps

A consistently profitable Forex trading strategy explained in 6 steps

A consistently profitable Forex trading strategy explained in 6 steps

I have been trading the Forex markets for over eight years. I have traded many different strategies, including current price action patterns; I have traded the 4-hour, 1-hour, 15-minute, and 1-minute strategy and one of the first things I could tell you that consistency is always about the person who is trading the strategy and how to trade his strategy in today’s article.


A consistently profitable forex trading strategy is explained in 6 steps.

I’ll share with you some of the essential elements of my strategy and some of the most important lessons I’ve learned for Trading. Over the past eight years, the key to success in any strategy is knowing how a trader executes their strategy, makes decisions, and creates consistent results. This is how they deal with similar situations, consistently making decisions and the principles they trade their strategy. Keeping your losing days small makes your winning days more significant than your losing ones.


What is the most profitable strategy in Forex?

Over a significant enough period, you will get positive results. The first principal component of my success in Trading comes from trading only one currency pair at my skill level. Now, I can start trading other pairs, and I do very well. I look at other pairs, but I don’t trade them. But I don’t need my goal as a trader to minimize my risk and maximize my potential profits, and my goal this year is to create a track record to attract some severe investors; that’s why I only traded one pair and have done so for the past four years.


The best Forex strategy to achieve consistent profits

When I have 3% a day, I make £3000. I’m here to make money, not catch the most significant moves in all the trades you can see they’re all one entry. I only trade one entry, and I’m very good at Trading in this one entry. I know many traders try to trade everything and will have four or five different entries for four or five different market conditions. I have one entry that works in all market conditions. It doesn’t matter if the market is ranging with the market trend and if the market is very volatile and my system starts to work in all market conditions. That market.

I was wrong about this; I was learning that I would have new systems or new entries every week, just mastering one thing at a time within one window. I specialize within my session window, and I’m very good at reading intent in my session. Anything outside of that trading window or my specific time, I’m average. Hence, another thing you might be able to see with all of these entries as well is that they’re all fixed stop loss and take Fixed profits, so that’s what I always follow here, I always have a ten pip stop loss. I always have a 30 pip take profit, which gives me a positive risk-reward, which, on a large enough sample size, will play to my advantage, and this takes away from my Trading thinking all my focus is Read in the right direction.


The most profitable trading strategy

When I execute my system perfectly because I already know my system is profitable, I’ve been testing it for the past three years, I’ve been trading it for the past six months, and for me to continue to make a profit, I need to execute it exactly as I tested it, that’s where my energy goes, that’s It is the part that I control and I only focus on what I can control in my Trading As Mark Douglas says, all the thinking has been done when you create your Edge When we are trading there is no need to think that we are in execution mode, that is why I always keep my stop loss the same So I don’t have to think about where it’s going, I can focus on just entering the trade perfectly and taking profits are always the same 1 to 30 pips.


There is a reason for this which we will get into in the next point and I always move my stop loss to the breakeven point at the same time, this is so that I can be mechanical within the trading process and I can have consistency in exactly how I trade with the timing of my system, and this is a really important concept in Trading as I said before trading in a specific time window where you know the moves are going to happen and this is also related to my TP for why that’s 30 pips because my session usually gives 30 pips of moves so there is no guesswork in the process of taking profit if I know my session It always moves between 30 to 40 pips when I get the right trend.


Where taking profit at 30 pips makes sense so there is no guesswork in my Trading I do what works in the free parts of the day, we have Asia, London, and New York, I find New York to be the best session on EUR/USD, it is the session that has the highest probability of seeing the biggest moves of the day, so all these factors add to the odds I only watch the charts for 2 and a half hours a day 4 days a week, that’s plenty of time for me to see opportunities every day I don’t trade on Fridays, they are usually not the best days to trade and I don’t need to trade Friday.



Finally, for my strategy, I stay away from red news events until the news is over, I trade through the spread of the news, and I do not trade in advance. I focus on trading the regular markets so these are the keys for me to trade my strategy very well if you want to see me trade my strategy I create a lot of articles in regard to Forex Entries What It Looks Like How I Share Entries and Narratives that I use a lot.

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